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Medi-Lock is Patented
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Medi-Lock Sizes Fit Every Need

Medi-Lock, originally designed specifically for the demanding environment of laboratory animal cage use, offers the greatest selection of cable lengths, gauges, and lock sizes to meet the diversity of animal cage security requirements.

All Medi-Locks are made completely of stainless steel to withstand cage washing, autoclaving, and scrubbing without failure.  Cables are swagged to permit easy cleaning. And the patented Medi-Lock technology is proven effective in preventing animal self-release and unauthorized access

Cable Lengths and Gauges

Standard cable lengths:
 3.5.inches, 5 inches, 7 inches

Standard cable gauges: 
1/16", 1/18", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8"

Cables are pre-formed to facilitate easy lock operation. Other lengths and gauges are available upon request. 

Medi-Lock Cable Length and Guage Chart

Choice of Braids

7x19 Cable is a nineteen strand braid, each strand comprised of seven stainless steel wires, offering an excellent combination of strength and flexibility.

7x7 Cable is a stiffer cable, featuring a seven strand braid with each strand comprised of seven stainless steel wires.
Medi-Lock Cable Braid Choices

Choice of Eyelets

Type 1:  0.450" eyelet (fits 1/2" hasp hole)
Type 2:  0.350" eyelet (fits 3/8" hasp hole)
Type 3:  0.875" eyelet (for 3/8" cable only)
Medi-Lock Eyelet Styles

New Cable Shielding !

Medi-Lock is now available with a shielded cable to prevent chewing damage by aggressive animals. Shielding is provided by stainless steel balls threaded over the cable, which freely rotate to prevent cable damage. Shielding is available for all Medi-Lock cable lengths, gauges, and braid styles.
Medi-Lock Cable Shielding

Medi-Lock is an affiliate of Key Valet, an innovator of automobile key security systems.
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