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Medi-Lock is Patented
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New Medi-Lock is the latest innovation in the field of animal cage security. 
It is the only lock system designed specifically to protect the animals from unauthorized access by eliminating cage security problems.

Medi-Lock is Animal Proof. 
Medi-Lock has been strenuously tested under actual lab conditions with a variety of non-human primates. 

The locking mechanism is proven to be un-pickable, eliminating the risk of injury and damage costs associated with animal self-release. Cable gauge, length, and other lock specifications can be modified to meet unique security demands.
Medi-Lock is Fumble Proof. 
Medi-Lock is unlike any lock you've ever seen. It can be placed anywhere on the cage for most convenient access. 

The master key cannot be mistaken for any other facility key. Medi-Lock has no hasps to fumble with. No combinations or intricacies that make it difficult to negotiate while wearing gloves. To operate, simply slip the master key into toe lock and give a few quick turns.
Medi-Lock is Vandal Proof.
Medi-Lock restricts animal access by unauthorized personnel and intruders, and protects against casual access to especially sensitive and valuable animals.

The patented Medi-Lock design is based on a locking mechanism with a history of theft prevention. Each Medi-Lock has a specially coded arbor which corresponds to a master key. Any number of Medi-Locks can be coded to the same key. Master keys cannot be duplicated by any locksmith. If a master key is lost or stolen, the corresponding Medi-Locks can be quickly, easily, and economically recoded to reinstate full security.
Medi-Lock is Filth Proof.
Hair, body oil, waste, food, and the warm, moist cage environment are a tough challenge for traditional-style locks.

Medi-Lock is made completely of stainless steel with only one moving part. It can be easily disassembled for cleaning, washing or sterilization, and reassembled as easily returning it to operation. Rust, wear, and corrosion are eliminated by the completely stainless steel construction. Medi-Locks are also completely tolerant to the widest variety of detergents, and harsh cleaning solutions. Medi-Locks require no lubricating grease or oil for proper operation.

Medi-Lock is versatile.
Although originally designed for laboratory use, the problems of cage security and the advantages of Medi-Lock are universal. Medi-Lock is ideal for anyone working with large or small animals: veterinary hospitals, zoos, kennels, breeders, handlers, transporters, pet stores and more.

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